Health and Safety Understanding for a Holiday Rep

Published: 19th December 2008
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As with any job, there are standards that you must be aware of. As a holiday representative, you must be familiar with all types of health and safety since you will be in other countries, at resorts, and overlooking hundreds of people at times.

You will have to be knowledgeable enough about standards so that you can make sure that the resort is up to health and safety standards. This will be a responsibility of yours as a representative - to check and make sure everything is up to standards.

When you conduct these checks, you will need to report any concerns that you have to your team leader. This can include anything that you find unsafe or unhealthy or you can just express your own concerns and ways that the resort can improve on these certain things. It's best to know about basic procedures regarding health and safety.

It's best to have a First Aid kit and be CPR certified. This will help you within the health and safety understanding as you are a jump start ahead of many other people as there are not many that are CPR certified. CPR is something you need to know since you will be looking after hundreds of people at a time.

There are always emergencies - different kinds at different times. There is not much to say about this here, but you will learn all of the needed facts at training for your rep.

You could probably speak to the touring company about the specifics if you wish. But, remember, you are in charge of ensuring that the guests have a great vacation!

This means you are responsible for ensuring that their rooms are up to hotel standards, correct room types for each guest, and any extras that were purchased are delivered to the correct rooms.

The Salary of a holiday rep

As with any other job, the salary of a representative will vary with each travel and tourism company.

Some may offer more pay while some may offer less pay. However, most holiday representatives will earn from £450 to £500 per month, which is equivalent to $795 to $884 per month.

As an addition to this monthly income, a representative can earn commission from selling car rental (car hire), daily excursions, etc.

Once a holiday representative has gained enough experience and is interested in working fulltime, the rep can earn £10,000 to £14,000 per year, which is equivalent to $17,683 to $24,756 per year.

Along with this salary, the tourism and travel companies that you work for will provide you with free transportation to and from the resort along with free accommodation. Some companies will provide you with free food.


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