How To Become A Police Dog Handler

Published: 09th January 2009
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The dog handlers have a demanding role and work with the dogs on a daily basis to ensure they are training to the highest level possible to help solve crime. When a handler arrives at the scene he will always be accompanied by his dog.

These dogs are trained specifically to assist police officers in the criminal case. These dogs are usually referred by the term K9, which sounds like the word canine.

Due to their uniqueness, these dogs are taken special care and are kept in specifically built dog houses. In many countries the killing of a police dog is considered a very serious crime and anyone found guilty of this will be harshly punished. In some cases the killing or injury of police service dogs are considered to be equal to the killing or injuring a police officer.

In addition, if the unfortunate incident occurred where a police dog was killed whilst on duty they are given a complete police funeral in the same way that a police officer would be. Some of the functions performed by police service dogs are as follows:

1. Police order enforcement dog

In this case these dogs are used to enforce public order by chasing and holding suspects, or detaining suspects.

2. Tracking

It is referred to locating of suspects or finding missing persons and objects.

3. Detecting illicit objects

Thee dogs are used to detect illicit substances such as drugs or explosives which may be carried by a person.

4. Cadaver dogs

These dogs are trained in detecting the odor of decomposing bodies. The nose of a dog is sensitive that it can even detect a human body that is under the water.

Proper care must be taken when undertaking police dog training so that the dog can offer complete assistance to an officer during an investigation. Equal care should also be taken in training police service dog handlers.

It should be taken into consideration that the functioning of dogs is different to that of human behavior. As a result it has become essential that the handler is trained to the highest level to ensure that understand the behavior of the dog in different circumstances.

A Dog handler is a special police officer who is in charge of the training and handling of well trained police dogs. The level of training and certification for police dog handlers and police dogs should constantly evolve several challenges and has become more progressive as well. There are various institutes which impart training of police dog handlers.

A person in this institute has to go through both theoretical as well as practical training. Training and qualifications to become a police service dog handler are usually available to any officer as well as those in the military and rescue units. Apart from handling the police dogs the living standard of these police dog handlers is even taken into consideration.

Becoming a dog handler for the police does have any specific education requirement, but they must be a current serving police officer. An apprenticeship under a current serving dog handler is then undertaken to develop the required skills to become a professional handelr.


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