The Daily Duties & Responsibilities of a Rep

Published: 21st November 2008
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There are daily duties that a holiday rep will be responsible for. Obviously, the holiday representative will have to complete the necessary paperwork at the end of the day and assist guests with any required needs or desires. This could mean answering guest's questions or possibly even giving them advice.

A holiday representative may also sell excursions, day trips, and other trip for the tour company that they work for. This is one way that many of the holiday representatives earn an extra income that is supplemental to their holiday rep income.

Also, a daily task and responsibility will be to complete daily forms and reports as well as bookkeeping for all payments received from guests.

The holiday representative is also responsible for accompanying the guests on daily excursions or events they desire to attend. You will need to have knowledge about this tour and the concept of the tour as you will be acting as a tour guide for your guests.

Although there may not be emergencies every day, the holiday rep is responsible for checking on the guest whether it is within their room or at the hospital should an emergency occur. Depending on how often new guests will come to stay at the resort you are located at, you may be organizing and giving welcome meetings on a daily basis or this could be an every other day ordeal.

Health and safety checks are also another daily duty. To ensure that you complete all of your daily duties, many holiday representatives decide to make a daily list of duties. This will allow you to check off each duty as it is completed during the day.

You can also try to keep a table of the activities that are occurring within the town the resort is in. You also need to be sure to make a list of the emergency numbers including the hospital and police should the event of an emergency occur.

Not only will these things ensure that you complete your tasks as they are needed, but it will also ensure that you remain responsible and you have all the information that may be needed at any given time on hand and easily accessible.

The Responsibilities...

The key responsibilities of a holiday rep go hand in hand with the daily duties, but more are discussed here. As a holiday rep, you are responsible for many things. The holiday rep needs to ensure they know a lot about the location that they are working in. This will include local attractions, activities, etc.

The holiday rep will need to work to ensure that they are providing the best customer service that they can to the guests of the resort.

Each customer is one individual. It is best to not focus on all the guests as a group, but rather as individuals. Some tour companies will require you to gather feedback from your guests, however, if they do not - get it yourself. By getting feedback from your guests, you will be able to understand what you are doing wrong or what you are doing right!

This will help you advance in your job and be sure to do your job the best you can to ensure your guests happiness. Completing paperwork such as health and safety paperwork is a responsibility of the holiday rep.

You will also need to maintain health and safety checks and report them to your onsite manager. Another responsibility that you will need to maintain is transportation to and from the airport for the guests.

The holiday rep is responsible for meeting the guests at the airport and taking them to the resort as well as taking them back to the airport after their vacation or excursion. Remember, you are the person that ensures the guests enjoy the time that they have at the resort.

You need to ensure that you are fully equipped with the knowledge of the occurring events in the surrounding areas and to ensure that you provide the proper guests with this information based on their interests.


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