What It Takes To Become a Holiday Rep

Published: 23rd September 2008
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These days lots of young talents aspire to become a holiday rep, most of them see this field as one of the best methods of traveling the world and to have great time. However, there is a common misunderstanding between people as they do not realize that these job opportunities actually carry excellent deal of efforts and responsibilities.

Basically, a holiday rep has to work on a front line by representing a company and have to deal with several issues and complaints which may arise during a holiday tour.

This means a holiday rep has to work for long hours with lots of stress and hard work. However, there are several benefits of becoming a holiday rep. If you are sick of working in the boring murmur of office work and cannot withstand the busy routine office job then the job of a holiday rep would certainly be an interesting field for you. One of the biggest benefits of becoming a holiday rep is that you get a chance to tour the world without spending a penny from your pocket.

As a holiday rep you can even join many communities from somewhere else which may be from Vietnam, Australia, Spain or even Germany. As, a holiday rep does not get a high salary, their main form of income is to earn a commission on advertising or selling excursions and even by adding extras to the holiday packages. If a person is really good in promoting or selling then there is no doubt that he or she can become a good earning holiday rep.

This is a reality, no matter where you are in the world, either selling banana boat excursions in the Caribbean Island or selling dog sledding in a place called Scandinavia. However, there are even downsides in this particular field. This type of representative job in the travel industry can actually be stressful because of the nature of this field. You have to always be ready to travel places and this may be difficult for those people who are closely attached to their families.

There may be possibilities that you have to be away from your home for an extended period of time. Most of the people who have already made a career in this field understand that the initial 6 months are the hardest for any person to settle in this kind of environment. One of the main aspects of this job is that every person whoever wants to make a career in this particular field have to enjoy this job whole heartedly.

The job of holiday rep is not always entertaining because most of the time they have to take several responsibilities like they are in-charge of large group while on a tour. When working with a large group of people, holiday rep's can come across several instances like serious injury and minor illness or even death. Trying to cope with every situation and even being able to be patient during these events is one of the most important parts of being a rep.

The working schedule for holiday reps is not fixed; their responsibility is to look after the tourists staying in the resort and even greeting tourists. As flights arrive all the time, holiday rep has to work day and night which means they have no fixed working timings. All in all, the life of a holiday rep is very difficult but worthwhile. There are lots of difficulties in this particular job however the benefit of making sure that every tourist is having a great time can be rewarding.


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